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Relaxation Massage

Provides basic muscle relaxation and is excellent for stress reduction, fibromyalgia, arthritis, joint pain, or those who just need a massage with a lighter touch. 


Acupressure, Myofasical Release, Reflexology or Craniosacral  therapies can be integrated into your session.

Back Massage
Deep Tissue Massage

The  deeper pressure is helpful in relieving chronic muscle tension. The main focus of this service is on tense muscles. This service is most effective for neck tension, back pain, sciatica issues, IT Band  tightness, and much more. During this session heat packs, ice packs, and tools may be used in your session. 

Prenatal Massage

During pregnancy, women suffer from all sorts of ailments, including heartburn, swollen ankles, aching muscles, and fatigue, to mention a few. Massage can benefit all of these in a relaxing, calming environment for mother and baby. 


Teresa is certified in nurturing the mother pregnancy massage therapy, however, you must have written doctor's approval with you at your first session.

Acupressure Neck Massage



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